Emotional Support

Providing a comforting presence and active listening to ease emotional stress during the end-of-life journey.

Legacy Projects

Assisting in the creation of memory books, letters, and other projects to leave a lasting legacy for loved ones.


Our Death Doulas provide unwavering support during the final stages, ensuring comfort and presence. We guide families through post-death tasks, including rituals, notifications, and grief support, handling these moments with care and dignity.


Our Death Doulas offer unwavering support during final moments, providing comfort and a calm presence to ensure no one is alone. We also assist families with immediate post-death responsibilities, such as conducting rituals, making notifications, and offering initial grief support, ensuring they handle these sensitive times with grace and care.

Vigil Services

Offering continuous support during the active dying phase, ensuring no one faces this time alone.

After-Death Care

Guiding families through immediate post-death tasks, including rituals, notifications, and initial grief support.

Practical Arrangements

Coordinating with healthcare providers, hospice services, and other support networks for seamless care.

Comfort Measures

Offering non-medical comfort measures like soothing music, aromatherapy, and gentle touch to ease the transition.


Our Death Doulas work closely with healthcare providers, hospice teams, and support networks to facilitate coordinated care. We also provide non-medical comforts, including calming music, aromatherapy, and gentle touch, to create a serene and soothing atmosphere for individuals and their families.


Our Death Doulas facilitate open conversations about end-of-life planning and financial matters. We guide individuals and families through advance directives, living wills, and discussions with estate professionals, ensuring all legal and logistical aspects are managed smoothly.

Planning Sessions

Facilitating open conversations about end-of-life planning and financial matters.

Body Remains Options

Discussing various options for the remains, including green burials and cremation.